Now, if this doesn't convince you to go shorter.

By Patricia Shannon
November 13, 2017

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We were with you when headlines started circulating last month with mentions of Kate’s new short haircut; what was depicted was a medium-length cut, not the short, dramatic style we were expecting. Thankfully, we now finally know what our favorite Duchess and yours would look like with an above-the-shoulder style—and it’s stunning, which likely comes as no surprise.

Earlier today, Kate stepped out with a few members of the royal family to participate in The National Service of Remembrance, a ceremony that honors those who have fallen in battle. While her attire remained fittingly solemn, Kate never fails to give us just a little something to delight over with every one of her royal appearances. Today, it was a faux bob that for an instant had us convinced she really made the cut.

It appears her hair was curled under and pinned up around the nape of her neck, creating the look of a bouncy bob. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen one of our favorite celebrities go short without really committing, but the way it’s neatly tucked behind her ears might just make this our favorite. While we’re still holding out for the real thing, this faux short style has given us a whole new way to wear our hair this holiday season.

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