"They're all completely different eaters," Kate Hudson tells PEOPLE of her three children, daughter Rani Rose, 22 months, and sons Bingham "Bing" Hawn, 9, and Ryder Russell, 16
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson and kids
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Kate Hudson is opening up about how she gets all of her kids to eat healthy foods.

Although the actress' three children are all different ages — she is mom to 22-month-old daughter Rani Rose as well as sons Bingham "Bing" Hawn, 9, and Ryder Russell, 16 — they all follow one very important rule.

"How do I get them to eat healthy? I cook what they're eating," Hudson, who is launching INBLOOM, a line of supplements, tells PEOPLE.

"I'm a bit old school like that. If Bing really has a fit and can't do it, then I'll maybe cook him something separately, but they get what they get," she says, adding that she has "too many kids" to make exceptions all the time.

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Of course, since her kids are all at different places in their lives, some are more picky than others about what's on their plate.

"They're all completely different eaters. None of them are the same," Hudson tells PEOPLE, noting that her daughter, whom she shares with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, is at an age where mealtime is a breeze.

"Rani will eat anything, like her whole being is about food," she says. "I feel like she's going to be a chef, she loves food and she'll eat anything."

In fact, Rani likes so many different types of food that when they find something she doesn't enjoy, 'it's hilarious."

"She doesn't like papaya. Which is very interesting. But I can kind of get it in a weird way," Hudson adds. "She doesn't like kale. Just bitter."

Hudson went on to share that her middle child is by far the "hardest kid" and has been "since the beginning."

"But then he'll like something really weird. He'll be like, 'Oh, I love anchovies.' And you're like, 'What? What do you mean? Like you can't eat cheese on a hamburger?' " she remarks. "He's my most challenging with food."

As for her eldest child, Hudson says, he isn’t afraid to try new things. "He's got his things, but he's very adventurous," she says.

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