"I see you in songs, in the sky, in the sea, in your sister's face, in your daddy's arms," Kara Keough Bosworth wrote.
kara Bosworth
Kara Keough Bosworth (L) and husband Kyle Bosworth
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Kara Keough Bosworth has posted a heartbreaking tribute to her late son, McCoy Casey, two months after his birth.

Keough Bosworth’s son died after experiencing “shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord” during the course of his birth in April.

“You would have been two months old today,” she wrote on Saturday, alongside a photo of the late baby boy after he was born. “You’d have found your favorite pacifier by now, and I’d be grateful that I was finally able to get those first (beautiful) 6+ hour stretches of sleep that make me feel like a Disney Princess with birds tweeting above my head.”

Keough Bosworth, 31, continued, “Instead, I’m clocking in 12+ hours every night because sleeping is decidedly easier than my waking hours. We should be cleaning up your blowouts, instead we’re dealing with our own s---. At this point, you would be finding your voice - squawking and squealing and making our hearts explode.”

Keough Bosworth, who is the daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County star Jeana Keough, delivered McCoy during a home birth on April 6. She had originally planned to welcome her and husband Kyle Bosworth's second child at a hospital, like they had for their now-4-year-old daughter Decker Kate.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, however, they decided a home birth made more sense for their family, as Keough Bosworth could have her doula by her side.

“McCoy surprised us all with his size and strength (and overall perfection),” Keough Bosworth shared on the day of his birth. “He joined our Heavenly Father and will live forever in the hearts of his loving parents, his adoring sister, and those that received his life-saving gifts.”

She went on to say that she was donating her baby boy’s organs.

Later that month, the reality star started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising money for charity in honor of McCoy.

Titled “McCoy’s Warriors,” the fundraiser will benefit March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization focused on improving the health of mothers and babies.

In addition to posting the tribute to McCoy on the two-month anniversary of his birth, Keough Bosworth shared a photo to her Instagram Story of her husband receiving a tattoo of their baby’s feet on his bicep.

Keough Bosworth also honored her son with body art, sharing in May that she got a small letter ″M″ inked on her left forearm. The tattoo contains her ″son's ashes in the ink ... so that my baby can be with me always."

“Our hearts have still detonated, but for different reasons,” Keough Bosworth wrote in her Instagram post on Saturday. “I should be looking at your face for most of my day, instead I have to search for you elsewhere. I see you in songs, in the sky, in the sea, in your sister’s face, in your daddy’s arms. I’ll keep looking for you for as long as I live. Being without you is hard, but being your mom is one of my favorite things about myself. I love you, McCoy Casey.”

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