She says the workout is her "newest obsession" in quarantine.

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Kaley Cuoco Defends Herself For Wearing a Mask While Working Out
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From weighted squats to resistance band exercises, Kaley Cuoco has been crushing her quarantine workouts. Her latest fitness "obsession"? Jumping rope.

Cuoco shared a video of herself "jumping it out," calling the cardio workout her "newest obsession" during quarantine. "All you need is 20 mins, a jump rope, and good music!" she captioned her post.

The video is no doubt impressive. It shows Cuoco practicing footwork, jumping backward, doing crisscrosses, and high knees — all while wearing a face mask, BTW. In response to haters on her post who questioned why she was wearing a mask during her workout, she wrote: "I wear a mask when I'm in an enclosed space around others. I'm protecting myself and everyone around me. That's why I choose to wear a mask."

Even if you haven't grabbed a jump rope since your schoolyard or gym class days, you definitely don't want to overlook this full-body cardio blast. Jumping rope challenges your shoulders, arms, butt, and legs, improving your agility and coordination in the process.

Plus, there's no denying that jumping rope is a ton of fun, not to mention you can do it just about anywhere. In a time when many types of home fitness equipment are (still) back-ordered or have skyrocketed in price, jump ropes are cost-effective, easy to transport and stow away, and readily available online.

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There's also the DEGOL Skipping Rope (Buy It, $8,, another low-cost adjustable option that works just as well for casual jumpers as it does for those seeking a fast and furious cardio session. More than 800 happy shoppers have raved about this rope, especially for speed and agility work.

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