"He's OK and doing well but they are being vigilant and cautious, thankfully," the mother of three said.

Jessie Cave
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Jessie Cave has revealed that her infant son has contracted COVID-19.

In a lengthy Instagram post shared on Tuesday morning, the 33-year-old Harry Potter actress, who played Lavender Brown in the film franchise, shared a photo of her baby boy, Abraham "Bam" Benjamin, in a small hospital bed alongside a laptop playing a video of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's speech announcing the new coronavirus lockdown in the country.

"I watched the news about lockdown from an isolated room in hospital. Poor baby is COVID positive," Cave wrote of her 11-week-old son. "He's OK and doing well but they are being vigilant and cautious, thankfully."

"This strain is super powerful and contagious so I do hope that people take extra care in the coming weeks," the mother of three continued. "Really didn't want this to be the start of my families new year. Really didn't want to be back in a hospital so soon after his traumatic birth."

"Once again I'm in awe of nurses and doctors," Cave added, before she asked her followers to "wish baby a speedy recovery."

Back in October, the actress revealed that she and comedian Alfie Brown welcomed their third child together. The newborn arrived "in the early hours" on Oct. 22, "just 40 mins after my waters were broken," Cave wrote in a post at the time.

"Slightly extreme but so were his kicks throughout the pregnancy!" joked the mom of her son, who joined older sister Margot, 4, and brother Donnie, 6. She posted an intimate snapshot, taken by Brown, of herself cradling the newborn for the first time in her hospital bed.

"This has been a very different experience to my first two births ... much more humbling, terrifying and out of my control," Cave explained. "We are currently in the neo natal unit but he's a strong boy and it's the safest place for him right now."

"The midwives (Magda & Daisy) and the doctors and neo natal nurses have been amazing (our first one to welcome us into the ward was named Rosaria and she was extremely comforting)," the actress said.

On Monday, Johnson, 56, announced that a national coronavirus lockdown will once again be imposed in England.

Due to the "alarming" spread of the new variant of COVID-19, which was first identified in the U.K. in late December, Johnson said that additional steps needed to be taken or the country's National Health Service risked the possibility of being overwhelmed within the next 21 days.

"Our scientists have confirmed this new variant is between 50 and 70 percent more transmissible – that means you are much, much more likely to catch the virus and to pass it on," he said during a televised broadcast, noting that within the past week, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations had "increased by nearly a third" to almost 27,000.

The number of deaths has also risen by over 20 percent over the past week "and will sadly rise further," added Johnson, who battled the virus last year.

Starting on Tuesday, schools across the country will close, although nurseries will be permitted to remain open. Residents will also be permitted to leave homes for essential errands, to seek medical attention and escape domestic abuse. The lockdown is expected to last through at least mid-February.

The information in this story is accurate as of press time. However, as the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, it's possible that some data have changed since publication. While Health is trying to keep our stories as up-to-date as possible, we also encourage readers to stay informed on news and recommendations for their own communities by using the CDCWHO, and their local public health department as resources.

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