The singer didn't half-ass this challenge.

By Sam Reed
February 04, 2019

Jennifer Lopez is not just like us.

To be considerate of your valuable time, we'll save the laundry list of her accomplishments for another day and cut straight to the multi-hyphenate's latest feat: A ten day no-carb, no-sugar challenge, which she embarked upon with her equally fit boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, as well as a few celebrity pals like Hoda Kotb.

The singer didn't half-ass this challenge (I mean, that much is obvious, she's J.Lo for crying out loud), telling USA Today that unlike other "no sugar" diets, hers cut out not just candies, baked goods and double stuff Oreos, but fruits, too. Nutritionist Keri Glassman likened it to the keto diet, "but rather than focusing on being high in fat, is focused on the elimination of carbs and sugar."

Glassman told InStyle that post-challenge, just a hint of sugar would be enough to coax your sweet tooth out of hiding. "A taste of something more sweet like a dessert might seem much sweeter than it previously did, and foods with natural sweetness (carrots and cashews, for example) might now seem sweet enough to to satisfy any cravings for sweet."

So, how did Lopez break her fast? Buckets of bananas? Carrots galore? Nay. The answer is ... brussels sprouts. At least, to start.

On the eleventh day, Jenny from the Block posted a photo on her Instagram story of a tasty-looking spread which included: the aforementioned brussels sprouts, potatoes, salad, what appears to be some kind of chickpea stew, rice and a pink drink to wash it all down. (Perhaps the double stuff Oreos were off camera? Here's to hoping.)

Meanwhile, J. Lo's other half had a spread that was a little more up our alley. The former pro-athlete posted a photo in which he's pictured getting cozy with some pizza, chicken wings, French fries and a whole lot of assorted desserts.

He captioned the image "Top this." Now that's a challenge I can get behind.

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