This isn't Lopez's typical loud leggings and pullover combo.

The last time I wore a heather gray sweatsuit with sneakers, my mother asked me which prison I had just escaped from. Thus, the sweatsuit phase was over. Or so I thought. You see, on Thursday, Jennifer Lopez wore a heather gray sweatsuit during an outing in New York City, and now I'm out here Googling "sweatsuit" as though I hadn't banished the coordianted separates in 2007.

Of course, J. Lo doesn't do anything half-assed, and she brought her effortless glamour to the uniform typically reserved for Dads Who Jog at 4 a.m.


Even through the paparazzi lens, it's clear that her sweats are the epitome of luxury, appearing soft and plush to the touch with all the velvety smoothness of the cloud foam on one of Ariana Grande's Starbucks Cloud Macchiatos. Her signatures — oversize shades, silver hoops and a slick top knot — made the ubiquitous "casual" look totally her own. (And made for the perfect blank backdrop for that ring.)

It helps, too, that Jennifer Lopez is, well, Jennifer Lopez — the woman who can pull off anything. Reminder: Even though athleisure is in right now, this isn't your typical logo-laden street style look. This isn't even Lopez's typical loud leggings and pullover combo. This is literally the same outfit that Rocky Balboa wore while running through the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia. And I must have it.

Forget Rocky's achievements. J. Lo is the true champion here.

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