The brand’s original thong is so popular that one sells every 10 seconds.

By Braelyn Wood
February 13, 2020
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Jennifer Aniston is an expert at putting the internet into a frenzy, whether that’s revealing her go-to skincare products or accumulating one million Instagram followers in just five hours and 16 minutes. But the Morning Show star’s latest revelation — the one where she dropped her underwear brand — makes her other confessions humdrum in comparison.

Aniston gave the rundown on her skivvies selection to Sandra Bullock in a Q&A for Interview magazine. When Bullock jokingly asked Aniston to reveal “who she’s wearing,” the actress didn’t hold back. She disclosed her outfit consisted of Rag & Bone jeans, a James Perse t-shirt, and an Elder Statesman sweater. And just when you thought Aniston was done spilling the deets, she threw a cheeky addition into the mix by sharing that her underwear is from Hanky Panky.

While we never imagined a world where everyone knew Aniston’s preferred panty, we’re not actually surprised by the icon’s choice. Not only is Hanky Panky’s underwear so well-designed that it’s been barred from winning any more Undie Awards (i.e. the Oscars of intimates), but it’s also trademarked as The World’s Most Comfortable Thong ®. Essentially, they’re the next best thing to living life commando.

Of course, Aniston isn’t the only person obsessed with Hanky Panky. Alongside a roster of A-lister fans — including RihannaCameron Diaz, and even Cher — are plenty of regular folk that just like to have a comfy bum. In fact, one of Hanky Panky’s Original Rise Thongs sells every 10 seconds worldwide thanks to the ultra-soft and stretchy design.

The only downside of Aniston’s lingerie lowdown was the fact that it left us with a plethora of follow-up questions. Is she a boxer or briefs type of gal? Does she have a preferred style? A favorite color? Unfortunately, you’ll just have to go with your gut when it comes to selecting your own Aniston-approved unides.

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