"My greatest takeaway: I have the power to do something about the way I feel," she said.


Jen Widerstrom followed an intensive ketogenic diet for the last 17 days, and she’s ready to share her ab-filled results.

The former Biggest Loser trainer strictly followed her diet for her mental health, after dealing with “a huge amount of stress” over the last six months. She announced on Jan. 18 that she was going to try out the keto diet after feeling out of shape.

“I’ve had a very chaotic six months and for the first time I visually see how that chaos is reflected in my eating habits and mental health,” Widerstrom, 35, wrote at the time. “With a huge amount of stress alongside many things to be thankful for, I have been drinking a lot, eating fast food, and to be honest been mentally checked out. To see the distention and my gut is the physical evidence that I’ve clearly been avoiding handling what I’ve been feeling.”


Seventeen days later, Widerstrom is in a better headspace after committing fully to the diet.

“My greatest takeaway: I have the power to do something about the way I feel and I also get to decide how to move through what happens to me,” she wrote on Instagram. “I do not have to be a victim but I do get to choose how I cope with my stress. It’s up to me on whether I check out or not — and through this experience I’ve chosen to participate everyday of my life going forward.”

And as far as how the diet itself went, Widerstrom said that she was impressed by how quickly she saw results, that she had no cravings and what she could and couldn’t eat was very clear. But Widerstrom says she couldn’t stick to the keto diet all the time, because starch, one of the banned foods, an essential part of her diet.

“My body NEEDS starch so I choose not to live in ketogenesis,” she said.

What Widerstrom wants her followers to really learn from her though, is that anyone can make a change to their lifestyle and take control of their health.


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