Jamie Otis says "we are praying to find out" what happened to baby nephew Jayme to "make sure it doesn't happen to another child."

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Jamie Otis is thanking fans for their support while offering an update on her nephew Jayme's condition amid his hospitalization.

Last week, the baby boy was admitted to the hospital after being dropped off for a day at the babysitter. Otis has kept fans updated on his wellbeing, writing on Instagram Thursday that they "still don't know what happened to this precious, innocent, defenseless baby...but we are PRAYING to find out & make sure it doesn't happen to another child."

Otis, 35, says her sister received a call informing her that her son "began having multiple seizures" so they called an ambulance. "When he got to the hospital," she says, "he continued to have seizures & as they ran tests they found he had a broken clavicle, brain bruising & bleeding & several more bruises all over his little body."

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Jayme "seemed perfectly fine" just hours before, she recalls, adding, "I could have never imagined how AWFUL it really was." The child was "in an induced coma & intubated. He had wires, tubes, monitors & braces all around him," says Otis.

"My sister couldn't even see him at first bc the amazing doctors & nurses were working hard to stabilize my nephew & save his life. When my BIL & sis were finally able to go in & see their son what they saw was every parents absolute worst nightmare," she writes.

"Their sweet baby boy - the same one who was just sitting up & happily babbling while playing with his toys was lying unresponsive in a hospital bed," she adds. "... It's now been a little over a week & Jayme is such a strong little guy! His parents haven't left his side once."

Otis first spoke about her family emergency last week, revealing on Instagram that she immediately went to New York to be with her sister after receiving the news.

"Thankful to hold my babies, but I feel AWFUL for my sister," Otis captioned pictures of herself cuddling with her two children: daughter Henley "Gracie" Grace, 4, and son Hendrix Douglas, 15 months, whom she shares with husband Doug Hehner.

Otis continued of her sister, "She doesn't get to rock her babies to sleep tonight. She got a call yesterday that is every parents absolute worst nightmare." She added, "Hold your babies tight. ...if you wanna say a prayer for my sis & nephew I know she'd appreciate it."

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