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James Van Der Beek is keeping it real about new parenthood.

On Monday, the Pose star shared a candid photograph depicting a scene immediately following the Friday birth of his daughter Gwendolyn, including a “messy bed,” “plastic sheeting underneath old sheets,” a “vomit bag (unused),” an “inflatable birthing tub (also unused ),” a “happy, healthy baby,” a “happy, healthy mom in her own shower right after giving birth” and more.

“The category is: Home-Birth Realness. (Word of caution, if you’re squeamish, just double-tap and move on ),” Van Der Beek began the caption on the snap, which also shows himself without a shirt, holding his newborn daughter while son Joshua, 6, looks on in Spider-Man pajamas.

One detail that can’t be missed? Gwendolyn’s placenta, which sits in a metal bowl at the 41-year-old actor’s feet while the cord can still be seen connected to the newborn.

“And… placenta in a mixing bowl (I warned you ),” Van Der Beek concluded the caption.


In a set of clips posted to her Instagram Story Monday, Kimberly took her followers through her postpartum routine, including a few of her favorite products for both mom and baby.

The mother of five revealed she has been eating “lots of fruits,” specifically a coconut in the morning. To help with post-uterine contractions, she has been drinking red raspberry leaf tea and taking a magnesium-based supplement called Natural Calm Plus Drink ($28) by Natural Vitality about five or six times a day.

“This really takes the edge off — it doesn’t take it away 100 percent,” says Kimberly, explaining her post-uterine contractions “get more difficult with each child.”


She also has found Oeuf’s Baby Swaddle Set ($142) and WishGarden’ Herbs’ Cord Care Powder ($10) to be helpful in caring for baby Gwendolyn (though she warns to be careful about the latter because it stains), as well as a natural lip balm by Sircuit Skin ($7.50) for mom.

A couple of ways Kimberly has been able to spoil herself a little is with a comfy Bedford Robe by Sefte ($298), and a bottle of organic rose face spray.

“It is so important that you’re not kissing your baby with chemicals on your lips, on your hands,” she advises. “Please please please do not wear perfume. It’s overwhelming, overstimulating and probably has a lot of chemicals in it.”

Kimberly and Van Der Beek, who tied the knot in August 2010, are also parents to daughters Emilia, 2, Annabel Leah, 4, and Olivia, 7½.

PEOPLE exclusively confirmed the star and his wife welcomed their fifth child Friday morning at their home with a doctor and midwife on hand, just like with their previous three children. (Olivia was born in a hospital.)

“Every child awakens a different energy in you … and this one has been bringing up the truth ever since we found out she was on her way,” Van Der Beek said in a statement.

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