We’ve finally learned what causes Jack’s death on This Is Us.

By Rachel Paige
January 24, 2018
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Well, the day has finally come. We’ve finally learned what causes Jack’s death on This Is Us. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead, but also we’ve known about his impending doom since like, the third episode of the series. This is no surprise — however, the events leading up to Jack’s death are a shock, because they could 100% have been avoided, and I’m sorry, I’m screaming and crying and nothing is okay anymore.

Thankfully, I am not alone when it comes to the screaming and crying over Jack’s death. If you’re breathing into a paper bag right now, or maybe talking a walk around the block, or just doing whatever you can to calm yourself down, don’t worry — there are others doing the same thing, too. While you might have watched the latest episode of This Is Us, “That’ll Be the Day,” all by yourself in your own apartment, just think, thousands of others out there did the same exact thing! And where can we all come together to scream, cry, and mourn together? Twitter, of course! The episode was barely over before the social media site lit up — oh no, I’m so sorry for that joke, oh no I take it back, oh no oh nooooooo — as everyone took their feelings out, 240 characters at a time.

Also, just an FYI thing, Jack’s death happens on Super Bowl Sunday, and the next episode of This Is Us is after the Super Bowl, and…

We’re all in this together, friends. Hug your loved ones, check your smoke detector batteries, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CROCK POT AND MAYBE MAKE SURE IT’S UNPLUGGED, and somehow we’ll all get through this together. Maybe. Hopefully. IDK, just double check that you have enough tissues to last you a river of tears before the next episode of This Is Us.

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