It lasts for up to 80 washes, saving three plastic shampoo bottles.

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Hilary duff shampoo
Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty; Odacité

Hilary Duff is making the best of quarantine by trying some new beauty and self-care practices she might not normally have time for. Last week, the Younger star not only debuted a bright blue hair color, but also indulged in a long and luxurious bath one evening — something we all deserve to do right now.

And lucky for us, Duff shared on Instagram the exact products she used, making it easy to recreate her bath at home for ourselves. Her lineup included items like the Ouai Treatment Masque and the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, but the one we were most curious about was the little round shampoo bar from Odacité.

“Guys, this is from one of my favorite companies, it’s called Odacité and it’s a shampoo bar,” Duff said in one Instagram Story. “So, it’s soap-free — I guess soap is not great for your hair — and I’m going to try it out. I’m so excited.”

Hilary Duff Instastory
Hilary Duff Instastory
| Credit: Hilary Duff/ Instagram

Shampoo bars are rising in popularity because they offer a sustainable way to wash your hair. The Odacité 552M Shampoo Bar has all the same benefits of a liquid version, but without the plastic pollution or harsh chemicals of shampoo bottles. Its soap-free formula is made with a blend of natural ingredients — like Cupuaçu butter and argan and castor oils — that nourish and lock moisture into each strand, leaving hair silky-smooth and voluminous. But the spotlight ingredient in this little shampoo bar is coconut oil because it creates a rich lather that has the ability to improve and restore the hair’s texture. Plus, it’s perfect for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, textured, frizzy, thick, and color-treated.

According to Odacité, one shampoo bar can last for up to 80 washes, which saves about three plastic bottles from being thrown away. The brand named its product in memory of the 552 million plastic shampoo bottles that end up in landfills every year in the U.S, in hopes that we can slowly begin to reduce that number with the shampoo bar’s plastic-free packaging.

With Earth Day coming up, now’s a great time to make one of your current beauty practices a little more eco-friendly. So next time you’re shopping for hair care products, consider swapping your regular bottled shampoo for this sustainable, Hilary Duff-approved shampoo bar.

odacite shampoo bar
odacite shampoo bar
| Credit: odacite

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