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Halo Top, the high protein, low-calorie ice cream brand, has gained quite the cult following since its debut in 2012. And though I personally prefer to indulge in the real thing, there is clearly a demand for pints of “healthy” ice cream—and that's just what Halo Top delivers.

Though their original flavors are made with milk, cream, and eggs, the company just released new dairy-free flavors—assuring an even wider consumer base can sample their products. Each one is made with coconut milk and, like the original flavors, sweetened with both cane sugar and stevia. Each pint also contains prebiotic fiber and pea protein.

Instead of simply announcing their release, we decided to dive in and taste each flavor, and rank them in order of best to worst. Without further ado, here's how they stacked up:

1. Caramel Macchiato
The clear favorite amongst tasters, the caramel flavor just seems to work with this type of ice cream. Because the ice cream base itself is much fluffier and lighter than rich, full-fat ice cream, it helps to have a thick caramel swirl rippling throughout the pint.

2. Oatmeal Cookie
Thanks to the texture of rolled oats, this was one of the more satisfying flavors of the bunch. The addition of cinnamon was subtle yet present, and helped mask the unpleasant aftertaste we experienced in some of the others.

3. Sea Salt Caramel
You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor combo, and luckily, Halo Top didn’t disappoint.

4. Peanut Butter Cup
This flavor definitely reads more peanut butter than peanut butter cup—it’s hard to tell it’s chocolate-flavored at all. But it still ranked fairly high on our list (we knew we liked it when we found ourselves going back for seconds).

5. Cinnamon Roll
The cinnamon in this pint was too overpowering, and made the ice cream taste like Red Hots (not what we were hoping for in an ice cream flavor). We weren't interested in taking more than a small taste.

6. Chocolate
We were optimistic about a good non-dairy pint of chocolate ice cream, but unfortunately this flavor left us disappointed. It simply wasn’t chocolate-y enough.

7. Chocolate-Covered Banana
Banana is a tricky flavor to get right in ice cream: It often comes across as artificial. This rang true for Halo Top, too.

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This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple