Face-Framing Layers Work For Everyone. Want Proof? Here are 15 examples.


As the title suggests, this cut has a lot to live up to. In the end, what awards it the “most flattering ever” award is the sheer and unbridled versatility. No matter your face shape, length, or texture, it works. It’s not the one-off haircut you’d expect, but rather something that can be added onto your length of choice to make it at least 10 times more flattering. (If that’s not salon sorcery, we don’t know what is.) Drumroll, please: It’s time to ask your stylist for face-framing layers.

These chin-skimming, cheekbone-cutting, collarbone-grazing pieces of hair are what makes the difference between a fine hairstyle and your best hairstyle yet. While blunt cuts have been trending this year, we’d venture to say that a blunt chin-length bob isn’t for everyone. But face-framing layers…everyone. With just a few extra snips, you can hit all of the right spots: Cheekbones, chin, collarbone—boom. Customize these low-maintenance layers just how you like it, and pair them with your signature cut. Need help? Here are 15 inspirations to bring to your stylist.

Face-Framing Fringe

Brigitte would be proud. This Bardot-worthy long fringe by stylist Cherin Choi hits those cheekbones like nobody's business.

Face-Framing Golden Blonde

Hold the phone: If we can make a scrunchied half bun look office-worthy, we're in.

Collarbone-Grazing Layers

A bun can be tricky. The only thing that stands between us and us looking like we're full-on wearing a wig cap is pulling out long face-framing pieces.

Platinum "Money Piece"

What's the "money piece," you might ask? It's your new secret weapon. In other terms, it's the piece of hair right at the frame of your face that catches the sunlight and lightens in the summertime. Layer it, brighten it, and rock it.

Brunette Balayage

Excuse us while we go find our old bottle of Sun-In—these long strands have us dreaming of sun-kissed brunette, but especially the bright shortened-up pieces around the face.

Layered Lob

Two words: Layered lob. Taking off both length and weight will give your mane envy-worthy volume.

Low-Maintenance Layers

We've found the ultimate cool-girl cut that feels a little retro—not to mention, we're very much on board with the low-maintenance layers by stylist Chris Greene.

Layered Curls

These curls don't have anything weighing them down. Keep the layers coming, and you won't either.

Face-Framing Ponytail

Much like a bun, a low ponytail can go *very* British Colonial officer on us. Pull out those cheekbone-skimming layers, and you're back in this century and looking fabulous.

Long Layers

Scared to make the chop? You can still frame your face with long layers, which work perfectly on long, straight strands.

Side-Swept Fringe

And the award for most flattering lob goes to...this layered shoulder cut with serious sass.

Chin-Grazing Layers

As if redheads needed any more help standing out in the crowd, a killer haircut with chin-skimming long layers will do the trick.

Layered Curls

Curls might be naturally more footloose and fancy-free, but they can still feel heavy if not layered. This mane, cut by stylist Sal Salcedo, gets a flattering touch from wispy bangs and layers that graze the cheekbones and chin.

Shaggy Layers

Haven't you heard? The Shag haircut is back and better than ever—seriously, more Stevie Nicks and less Joan Jett. Starting with curtained bangs, this cut by stylist Ashlee Norman cascades down into the most layers. And we're loving it.

Caramel "Money Piece"

Here's the brunette answer to the "money piece." It's a subtle warm caramel strand right at the cheekbone, and it has us calling our stylist for an emergency session, stat.

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