By Julie Mazziotta, People
March 30, 2017
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Gigi Hadid is master multitasker!

The supermodel did an interview and a workout all in one, answering rapid-fire questions from her trainer Rob Piela while holding an ab-tightening plank.

Hadid covered tons of topics — from the three words she would use to describe herself after a workout (“alive, happy, strong”) to what she’s passionate about encouraging (“people being nice to each other”) — for Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign.

And even though the model is already dominating the fashion world — she won the British Fashion Council’s Model of the Year Award in December — Hadid says her favorite quote is about pushing yourself to do more.

“My stepdad always told me that good is the enemy of great, and I always thought that was such an empowering thing because there’s always room to get better,” she told Piela.

Hadid’s advice to her younger self is similarly confidence-boosting: “Everything works itself out.”

But she also has suggestions for those less upbeat days: “Call your mom, eat some good food, and go on a walk,” she says.

And while Hadid may be a jet-setting model, her first thoughts in the morning are pretty relatable.

“Can I stay in bed longer? Do I have to get on a plane today? What’s for breakfast?”

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