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Updated December 19, 2019

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Gal Gadot is a wonder woman on and off the screen.

In an interview with Rolling Stone about her title role in the blockbuster Wonder Woman, the 32-year-old actress shared how she responded to body shamers who said she wasn’t curvy enough to play the iconic heroine.

“Listen, if you want to be for real, then the Amazons, they had only one boob. Exactly one boob,” said the former Miss Israel, alluding to a theory in Greek mythology. “So what are you talking about here? Me having small boobs and small ass? That will make all the difference.”

Gadot – who reportedly gained 17 lbs. of muscle for the role — has also said feeling strong “changes everything.”

“Since I’ve started [training], I’ve gained about 17 lbs., and it’s all muscle,” Gadot said in her interview with Glamour in March. “I feel so much better now. When you feel strong, it changes everything — your posture, the way you walk. I look at photos from five years ago and think, ‘Whoa, I was too skinny. It’s not cool.’ ”

While filming the latest installation of the DC Comics franchise Justice League, which comes out in the fall,Gadot was dealing with another challenge: She was pregnant with her second child.


“I didn’t want attention,” she said of her decision to wait as long as possible before revealing her pregnancy to her Justice League co-stars. Gadot also had to reshoot scenes for Wonder Woman during that time. “The default should be that women get the job done, but there’s a long way to go and a lot of reprogramming that needs to be done to both genders.”

But at some point, her cast and crew inevitably found out.

“We cut open the costume and had this green screen on my stomach,” she said. “It was funny as hell – Wonder Woman with a bump.”Gadot gave birth to her second daughter, Maya on March 20. The actress and her husband — Yaron Versano — also have daughter Alma, 5.

These days she is relishing her role as second-time mom — and heroic female superhero.

“I definitely think that 75 years is a long time for this character to not have a movie, but it’s craaaaaaaazy,” Gadot said.

The 2017 remake just reached the $800 million dollar mark in earnings — a fact that doesn’t seem to surprise the leading lady.

“It just shows that the world was ready for a female-driven action movie,” Gadot said.

Justice League is set for release on Nov. 17, 2017.

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