Not only are they truthful, but they also promote what really matters here.

By Lindsey Sirera
July 18, 2019

Instagram can be a phenomenal resource for health and fitness inspiration at times. It can also, however, be tinged with toxic, underhandedly negative messaging. It’s especially crucial to understand that a lot of the pictures and posts we see on the popular social media platform can easily be manipulated to show “ideal” results.

Which is exactly why it’s so damn refreshing to see fitness stars show side-by-side snapshots that unearth the reality of posed photos.

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You’ve probably seen “relaxed vs. posed” pics before and didn’t even realize it. Basically, these are candid side-by-side shots taken moments apart that reveal how good angles, proper lighting and the right posture (and lack of a food baby) can seriously change a person’s appearance. And it’s amazing to see these posts gain popularity.

Because not only are they truthful, but they also promote what really matters here: Not a Photoshop-perfect body, but a happy *and* healthy body, no matter the shape or size.

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These are just a few of our favorite fitness Instagrammers who’ve shared some seriously dramatic relaxed vs. posed selfies. And let’s make one thing clear: each and every one of these humans looks gorgeous in *both* posed and relaxed posture.

1. @BodyPosiPanda

2. @My_Life_Without_Ana

3. @SelfLoveClub

4. @annavictoria

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5. @Fitology_UK

6. @SaggySara

7. @Fightforgrowth

Thanks for being so real with us! Your message is SO important.

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