The actress decided to take it slow after giving birth, but now she's adding in strength training to meet her weight-loss and muscle-toning goals.

Five months after giving birth, Eva Longoria is upping her workout routine. The actress told Us magazine that she's adding hard-core weight training into her routine to work toward new fitness goals.

Longoria revealed that while she still loves yoga, she's starting "very serious weight training" to meet her current weight-loss and muscle-toning goals. She notes that she's gradually worked her way up to weight training to recover from pregnancy. "I really gave my body time to adjust to postpartum and post-pregnancy," she said. "You know, it had a baby! It created a human life, so I really wasn't too hard about getting back into shape." She's just starting to ease back into her routine. "Now I'm working out a lot more and watching what I eat," she told Us. "I'm barely starting to get back into it." (WWE wrestler Brie Bella took a similar approach to fitness after giving birth.)

Even though she's focusing on weight training, Longoria is still one to mix it up with her workout schedule. "I'm a runner, first of all," she told Health last year. "I run a lot. But I also do SoulCycle, Pilates, yoga. I usually mix it up." She makes an effort to stay active while traveling and has taken to Instagram to post about her outdoor workouts such as hiking or biking. (ICYMI, the actress was an aerobics instructor before she hit Desperate Housewives fame.)

We love so much about Longoria's workout philosophy. She's not afraid of hard-core lifting, but she didn't force herself into an intense exercise regimen before she was ready. And her eclectic workout tastes have us desperately wishing she was accepting applications for a workout buddy.

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