Stone's good friend and makeup artist Rachel Goodwin shared a series of photos from the salon.


Emma Stone has a perm! Stop whatever you’re doing — we repeat, Emma Stone has a perm! Stone’s good friend and makeup artist Rachel Goodwin shared a series of photos from the salon where she and Stone got friendship perms.

“We have a permanent bond! Some friends get tattoos, well we get perms!” Goodwin wrote on Instagam. “We’re here to tell you that they are BACK and theyre not your grandmas perm!”

The women received the perms at Mare Salon in Los Angeles, which is where Stone regularly goes for all her red carpet updos, and while she’s rocked wavy and curly hair before, Stone has never made the commitment to get a perm. Goodwin shared several photos of Stone in hair rollers and posted the final product of her new permanently wavy hair, however, Goodwin eventually deleted the “after” photo. Luckily, quick-thinking fans on the internet screengrabbed the photo.

It’s certainly not the ’80s perms we remember. In fact, Stone’s perm looks like hair that’s been spritzed with some sea salt spray. It’s cute!

For as long as perms have existed, it’s heavily suggested that you only perm virgin hair, but if you must perm colored hair, it’s best to choose hair that has only been colored and not highlighted. We guess that Stone meets the requirements seeing as she usually makes her naturally blonde hair a bit darker.

The stylists at Mare Salon also did this lovely perm on actress Lola Kirke, which looks a lot more like the curly perms we remember.

We predicted that perms would have a moment in 2018, and the trend is upon us. Julianne Hough was an early adopter and got the ~new~ perm treatment nearly two years ago.

We’re excited to see what Stone’s hair looked like when it’s all done up. Perhaps she’ll debut her new wavy look at the 2018 Oscars?

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