Lovato works out six days a week and knows the need for a wide-ranging workout wardrobe.

By Alex Abel
Updated December 19, 2019

This article originally appeared on People.com.

If you follow Demi Lovato on her social media platforms, you know how passionate she is about living a healthy lifestyle. So, it makes sense that when it came to a clothing collaboration, Kate Hudson’s activewear company, Fabletics was her go-to. Lovato is already on her second release for the brand, with a new crop of fall styles in deep shades of blue, purple and pink sure to make your next workout that much chicer. In the September issue of People Style (on stands now!), we caught up with the pop star to talk about her designs and how she keeps her confidence up.

Lovato shares that her collaboration with Fabletics was really a no-brainer. “I love that the brand specializes in empowering women of all sizes. They make you feel confident whether you’re exercising or just going about your day-to-day life,” she says. “I got to work with Kate [Hudson] at some events. She’s really cool and was excited about the partnership.”


When it came to what to include in the collection, Lovato had a clear intention. “I really felt the need to make it diverse,” she shares. “I wanted different colors and patterns. But mostly, I wanted people to feel good. The leggings have a strong hold which keeps everything tightened up. That was important to me.”


When you’re working out six days a week (as Lovato does) having a wide-ranging workout wardrobe certainly comes in handy. And with the intensity of her workouts, the singer shows how versatile the line can be. “I train in mixed martial arts which is a combination of kickboxing, jiujitsu and Muay Thai. I’ve always been a fighter, so being able to do that is a real outlet for me,” she explains. “[But] you have to think about the customer too and what they’re doing. I wanted to make clothes for all sorts of workouts like spinning, yoga, anything like that.”

If hitting the gym that much is making your head spin a little, Lovato is with you. She often reminds herself of what motivates her whenever she needs a boost (which makes those early appointments that much easier to get to). “It’s knowing how great I’m going to feel after,” she says. “I always feel more energized when I exercise in the morning — it helps me throughout the day.”

As Lovato says, it’s the feeling that makes it all worth it, and that’s something that carries her through her life. It’s a vibe we can all learn from. “I know I’m doing everything I can to take care of myself. If there’s something about my body that I don’t like, I remind myself that it doesn’t define who I am. The more you tell yourself that you’re beautiful, the more you start to believe it.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People