It's almost the same as a down payment on a house.

By Marisa Cohen
February 06, 2018

You won’t believe some of the charges built into this astronomical bill for one new mom's Cesarean Section delivery.

You can argue about how much to spend on strollers and preschool, but the cost to deliver a baby, whether by C-Section or vaginal birth, should be affordable to everyone, right? Well, one dad has sparked a huge discussion—and lots of outrage—by posting a breakdown of the cost of his wife’s Cesarean Section delivery on Reddit.

The total for medications, hospital costs, doctors’ fees, newborn care, blood work, surgery supplies, labor room, and several more categories came out to a whopping $41,158.50. That’s an awful lot of cabbage, enough to sustain a family through many other major purchases, including a down payment on a house. And the fact is, even after insurance kicks in, most American families would really struggle to pay off what they owe.

Of course you don’t want to shop for budget surgery when it comes to mother and baby’s health, but the Reddit poster, TheOnlyToast, pointed out some ridiculous charges included in the fee, including the fact that his wife was charged $3,000 for spending three hours in the “Recovery Room,” which he pointed out “was just a bed behind a curtain in an open floor setting.”

Now, some would say the miraculous birth of a baby is worth every penny, but the thousands of commenters on Reddit agree that the costs of surgical birth in the United States is spiraling out of control. Several readers from countries such as the U.K. and Norway were shocked that Americans have to pay to give birth at all. (For a look at how much giving birth vaginally and by C-section might cost in your state, click here—but note that these costs can vary wildly, and don’t include additional fees such as newborn care.)

Parents used this post as a springboard to rage about the shocking bills they received for their own birth experiences (a few proudly described how they “bargained down” their insurance company into a more reasonable fee). But our favorite comment is the one from a dad in Texas, who wrote: “…when my wife and I had our daughter in September of 2014 she had to have a C section as well, after a whole day and night of pushing. I remember seeing the breakdown of the bills when I got it from the Hospital and Insurance. We don’t live in a big city so our bill was a touch over $20,000, ultimately we ended up paying about $3,000 after meeting our nearly $8,000 deductible.... It took time and payments and in about September of last year I paid her off. We now own our daughter out right.”

Well, better to laugh than cry, right?

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