Here's why you should be wearing slippers while you work from home.
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When was the last time you put on outdoor shoes? Probably quite a while. With many people working from home for the unforeseeable future, plush socks and comfortable slippers are becoming our new daytime footwear. And if you’re opting out of wearing shoes for the time being, you might want to reconsider.

Dr. Alan Bass, an American Podiatric Medical Association member podiatrist and spokesperson, tells PEOPLE that anyone who has biomechanical conditions that could require continued foot support (like plantar fasciitis or flat foot, for example) would benefit from wearing slippers. “People who suffer from diabetic neuropathy are patients who I never suggest go barefoot,” he adds. “Those patients have a decrease in sensation or feeling and may not feel if they have stepped on some foreign body that may cause a wound or infection.”

Dr. Bass explains that aside from offering additional foot support, another plus of wearing slippers is that you’re protecting your skin from cuts and scrapes you might get from accidentally stepping on foreign objects. As for what to look for in a proper at-home slipper? This expert suggests any shoe that supports the arch of the foot, recommending options from brands like Vionic and Spenco.

Comfortable Slippers

Vionic Indulge Relax Slipper in Black Fabric, $64.95;

Spenco Hearthside Slipper, $55.99 (orig. $79.99);

Vionic Gracie Slipper, $64.95;

Spenco Supreme Slide in Taupe, $79.95;

Vionic Leona Faux Fur Lined Slipper, $99.95;

Spenco Yumi 2 Snake, $59.95;

Vionic Nessie Slipper, $109.95;

The Vionic Indulge Relax Slipper is one that especially stood out. Not only does the name have a nice ring to it (indulge and relax are two things we definitely need to be doing right now), but the podiatrist-recommended shoe hits on key slipper musts. For instance, its sculpted, orthotic footbed and a flexible midsole absorbs shock, in turn reducing the stress on your feet, ankles, and knees.

these top-rated slippers are so comfy

Buy It! Vionic Indulge Relax Slipper in Tan Fabric, $64.95;

The Spenco Supreme Slide is another that we’re eyeing. Its design is similar to the ever-popular UGG Scuffettes and features a molded footbed, a cushioned forefoot, and a non-slip outsole that won’t leave marks on your hardwood floor. If you’re looking for a full-coverage slipper, the Spenco Hearthside — which has an easy, slip-on design, plush footbed, and faux shearling lining — might be your calling card. And if your feet tend to sweat, skip the fuzzy options and opt for something like the Yumi 2, a flip-flip that lets your feet breathe and offers great arch support, instead.

That said, regardless of which slipper you choose, they’ll all make the perfect addition to your cozy loungewear set. Whether you prefer warm and fuzzy or sweat-wicking and sleek, you’ll find some great slipper options in our list.

these top-rated slippers are so comfy

Buy It! Vionic Indulge Relax Slipper in Black Fabric, $64.95;

these top-rated slippers are so comfy

Buy It! Vionic Indulge Relax Slipper in Light Grey Fabric, $64.95;

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