Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerbe posted an Instagram story featuring her ageless mother.

By Alexia Fernandez
Updated December 19, 2019

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Cindy Crawford simply does not age.

The supermodel, 51, was featured on her daughter Kaia Gerber‘s Instagram story on Thursday, which the 15-year-old captioned, “Why do we look the same age? @cindycrawford.”


Crawford’s daughter with Rande Gerber has followed in her famous parents’ footsteps. Gerber shared with PEOPLE in May some of her mother’s beauty tips that she now swears by.

“She told me not to touch my brows,” Kaia shared about the flawless set she was blessed with. “There was a time when I really wanted to do stuff to them, but she doesn’t touch hers and she still has really good brows, so I just learned from her not to touch them and I’m glad I didn’t.”

Gerber has also picked up good skin care habits from her iconic mom, who’s co-creator of product line Meaningful Beauty. “I could never sleep in makeup — that’s my big thing. I wash my face and moisturize it every night. I also use masks,” she said.

And while the mother-daughter duo definitely look like twins, they insisted to PEOPLE that their resemblance isn’t the only thing they have in common.

“[Our look] is almost the least reason we’re alike,” Gerber said. “That’s what people see because they don’t know us, but we react to situations the same way. I think we’re always really strict on time.”

“[If we are late], we get stressed,” Crawford continued.

“And if other people are late, we get annoyed, so I think that’s the same,” Gerber added. “Mannerisms, kind of the way we talk — we both talk with our hands and stuff like that.”

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