By Gabrielle Olya, People
Updated January 20, 2021
Credit: Source: Bob Harper/Instagram

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The Biggest Loser host, 51, shared a mirror selfie on Instagram on Tuesday that shows the monitors he must wear on his chest as he heals from the trauma.

“On the road to recovery,” he captioned the photo. “I’m required to wear these monitors to see what my heart is doing throughout the day. I feel like a robot from Westworld.”

He also thanked his followers for the supportive messages and comments they have been sending him.

“Thank you all for your kindness,” he wrote. “You have no idea how much it helps.”

Harper was reportedly working out at a New York City gym when he collapsed. A doctor exercising at the gym performed CPR before Harper was moved to a nearby hospital, where he remained unconscious for two days, according to TMZ. He was released from the hospital after an eight-day stay.

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