“I am forever grateful to these two women who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever.”

By Meghan Overdeep
March 11, 2019

Everywhere three-year-old Jordan goes, his raptor Fingerling goes too, either in his hand or tucked in his shirt at all times. Jordan loves the little toy so much that he even gave it a name: “Dino Baby.”

So, you can imagine his horror when the head of his beloved dinosaur broke recently—a horror shared by his mother Niah Negron.

"The dinosaur was his Christmas present this past year. He tells everyone that it's his baby," Negron told Good Morning America. "He spent the whole morning sitting there holding his dinosaur with a broken head with the saddest look on his face."

She immediately began looking for a replacement online. Luckily, she found one quickly and was able to place a same-day pickup order at her local Best Buy store in Jacksonville, Florida. There was just one problem: she knew Jordan wouldn’t consider replacing his “Dino Baby.” Surgery, it seemed, was the only option.

So, with Jordan and his broken dinosaur in hand, Negron headed for the pickup counter at Best Buy where she explained the situation at hand.

“We are here for a very delicate matter,” she told an associate named Tina or “T” at the counter. “You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur!”

“What happened next was beyond extraordinary service,” Negron recalled on Facebook. “‘T’ nodded understandingly and jumped right into action! She called over her fellow associate Stephanie and explained our very unique and delicate situation. Without missing a beat, they ‘took the broken dinosaur to surgery!’”

Negron said the two women explained every step of the surgery since it was all happening outside of Jordan’s anxious gaze.

“In reality they were discreetly verifying my order and opening up the new replacement dinosaur for us and disposing of the old broken one without my little guy ever being the wise,” she wrote. “‘Just a few more stitches’ they explained, as little man was anxiously awaiting his ‘fixed’ baby.”

"The way they communicated with him was beyond words," Negron told GMA. "I had this plan in my head and didn't know how they would react, but they completely got it."

When Best Buy corporate learned of the story, they gifted Stephanie and "T" custom badges with "Dinosaur Doctor" written on the bottom.

Negron concluded her Facebook post by offering the women her most sincere thanks. “They didn’t have to do this. They easily could have just found my order and sent us on our way with the new toy,” she wrote. “I am forever grateful to these two women who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever, and all to keep one little boy who they had never met, and will likely never see again, happy.”

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