Here's why we love that bra.
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When Real Simple wrote about editors' favorite bras, readers overwhelmingly bought the recommendation from Chantelle Intimates. Here’s why we love that bra.

Every large-chested woman probably has a story about suffering from neck and back pain. I know I do. Like many women, I had a drawer full of Victoria’s Secret bras. I went in once to get fitted, then proceeded to buy the same, ill-fitting bra for years after. All the while, I noticed that after a long day at work, my neck and shoulder blades increasingly felt pretty terrible. When I finally figured out that my boobs were probably the culprits, I had already spent a lot of money on new pillows, yoga, and acupuncture. I even considered buying a new mattress.

This is the Bestselling Bra on Real Simple
Credit: Nordstrom

I was introduced to Chantelle bras at Journelle, a New York City-based lingerie store that specializes in proper fittings and high-quality bras. As the sales associate measured me all over, she explained that though I’d bought C cups at Victoria’s Secret, I was, in fact, a DDD/F in European bras, and that I should have been sizing down in the band because bras stretch over time (you want your bra to fit you on the very loosest hook when you buy it, so that you can tighten it as the fabric stretches). She also explained that the straps on my bras were too narrow. I needed thicker straps for better support. I had essentially worn bras that were doing nothing for me.

During that initial appointment, I bought two Chantelle bras—a Merci t-shirt bra ($74, and a Le Marais demi ($84, Within a few days, I felt like a new person. My bra helped me stand straighter, and, over time, my neck and shoulder pain has significantly lessened. I’ve found that almost all of Chantelle’s bras provide me with great support and shaping, and the underwires never dig in or irritate my skin. But most importantly, I love how they look. So often, the bras designed for the bustier among us look like sad, nude deflated balloons. I have Chantelle bras in beautiful laces and in gorgeous reds and pinks.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that these bras are an investment (though, I have good luck buying them for half-off or more at Nordstrom Rack and on Amazon, since I have my size memorized). But, for me, a bra that supports my chest and looks amazing doing it is worth the price.

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