"It was a second chance at life," Kathy Patten said after she was revived from a heart attack in the same hospital where her daughter was giving birth.
Kathy Patten
Credit: CBS 13 WJZ-TV

Kathy Patten was clinically dead for 45 minutes before she was brought back to life. In the same hospital, her daughter was in the middle of a 39-hour labor.

Both say that they experienced not one, but two miracles over the July 4 weekend.

Patten was on the golf course when she received a call that her daughter Fifer had gone into labor. Shortly after arriving at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, she suffered a heart attack.

Very quickly, doctors lost her pulse, she recounted to WJZ-TV.

"It was a second chance at life. I'm just going to be the best person I can be in every way and I'm grateful for every minute I have," Patten told the news station.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hospital, Fifer was being told she'd have to undergo an emergency c-section because her baby was stuck in the birth canal.

After nearly an hour of CPR, Patten was revived. A short time later, her eighth grandchild was born.

"It was just fate that my Mom was supposed to be here. It was ultimately because of Alora that my Mom is here and happened to be at the right place at the right time," Fifer told WJZ-TV. "She truly is a walking miracle."

Grandmother, mother, and baby are healthy. Now, doctors at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center are saying "thank you" to the family who has taught them so much.

"You taught us what it means to live," said Dr. Dov Frankel. "You taught us what it means not to give up."

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