Kylie Shea has always been embarrassed by the cellulite on her legs.


Kylie Shea is a strong, gorgeous professional ballerina, but she’s always been embarrassed by the cellulite on her legs. She typically fills her Instagram feed with perfectly posed professional photographs of herself, but on Monday she decided to share a “raw and unedited” picture of her legs to help others who are struggling with their body image.

“I’ve had cellulite since I was a pubescent teenager and to this day it makes me feel very vulnerable,” she said. “I struggled through years of unhealthy eating habits as a young girl, and I continue to work my way through weight gains and losses to this day.”

But, for the very first time, she’s starting to ignore her perceived flaws.


“I just finished a very special job this week and have been training incredibly hard to prepare, and today when I looked in the mirror I found myself for the first time not judging my cellulite like I usually do and I was compelled to share this part of me that has always felt so uncomfortable,” Shea said.

She hopes that by sharing this photo, other people will also begin to appreciate their bodies.

“Social media seems to be flooded with women that have not even a square inch of cellulite, as does the classical ballet world, and so I just wanted anyone out there who struggles with this to know that you are not alone,” Shea said. “Keep training hard and remember that our bodies will respond best to all of our hard work when our minds are healthy and our souls are nourished.”

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