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On Saturday, Ariana Grande showed off her newly dyed grey hair on Instagram, clarifying that even though it looked like a purple-tinged silver in the photo, it was actually grey. “Btw (it’s grey),” she captioned the photo, which she put a heart-filled filter on.

Earlier that day, the Dangerous Woman singer, 24, shared a picture of her friends — and boyfriend Mac Miller — hanging out at night which also showed off her new color.

While Grande’s known for her signature brunette locks, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s switched things up in the follicle department.

In June the pint-sized singer hit the salon for a ombré hair transformation, which she showed off on Instagram, captioning her newly highlighted strands, “moonlightbae.”

And before she became a pop star, Grande dyed her hair red for the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam & Cat — which is an experience Grande doesn’t remember fondly.

In a 2014 Facebook message, Grande that she always wore her hair the same way because dying her locks for four years “completely destroyed my hair.”

“I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first 4 years of playing Cat… as one would assume, that completely destroyed my hair,” Grande wrote. “I now wear a wig on Sam & Cat. My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions but I wear it in a pony tail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.”

“I tried wigs, they looked RIDICULOUS. Tried a weave because I am working on a new project and want to try some different looks and literally wanted to rip my scalp off,” she continued. “So as annoying as it is for y’all to have to look at the same hair style all the time, it’s all that works for now (AND I’m comfortable for the first time in years)….”

“And trust me, it’s even more difficult for me to have to wait forever for my natural hair to grow back and to have to wear more fake hair than every drag queen on earth combined. So PLEASE gimme a break about the hair (or just don’t look at me lol). IT’S JUST HAIR AFTER ALL. There are way way way more important things. Love y’all very much,” Grande added.

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