Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman welcomed their first child in March 2016.


Anne Hathaway is about to become a mom of two!

The Princess Diaries star, 36, is pregnant with her second child, she announced on Instagram Wednesday alongside a black-and-white mirror selfie, showing off her baby bump under a loose-fitting white tank top.

“It’s not for a movie …⁣⁣ #2⁣,” she captioned the post, going on to hint that getting pregnant wasn’t exactly an easy journey for her and husband Adam Shulman.

“⁣All kidding aside, for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies,” the actress added. “Sending you extra love ”

Hathaway and Shulman — who were married in September 2012 — already share son Jonathan Rosebanks, whom they welcomed in March 2016.


During her first pregnancy, Hathaway prided herself on learning she was a “decent liar” while awaiting the birth of her son. “Because people [would] come up and [have such] good intentions but they were like, ‘Do you know what you’re having?!’ ” she said on The Late Late Show in May 2016. “And I was like … ‘Hmm. No.’ “

“And then they were like, ‘When [are you] due?!’ and I’m like, ‘May,’ ” the Oscar winner added in a laid-back tone, shrugging nonchalantly. “I just gave all the wrong information.”

In March 2017, a source revealed to E! News that Hathaway “wants more kids” but wanted to give it a little more time before starting to try again.

“She wanted to wait until Jonathan was a little older before they started trying again,” said the insider. “She wants Jonathan to have a sibling.”


In a June interview for Shape magazine, The Hustle star — who previously opened up about how she deals with “mommy guilt” — said she used to feel a need to keep busy 24/7 but that perspective shifted when she and Schulman became parents.

“Before I had my son, I sensed this pressure to fill my schedule. If I wasn’t working, I felt like I was wasting time,” explained Hathaway. “Now I know I have to build in breaks in my year, and there are times when I’m just not available to work because it’s important for me to be home with him.”

“So I shop a lot less. I cook a lot more. I read a lot more,” she added. “I write a lot more. I communicate a lot more. I make more time for the things that matter to me because suddenly I have more time.”


Hathaway appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January to promote her movie Serenity, where she revealed she had given up drinking alcohol until her son is 18 and not “living in my house.”

The actress admitted at the time that she doesn’t “totally love the way” she drinks, explaining that Jonathan is “getting to an age where he really does need me all the time, in the mornings.”

The decision, she said in a follow-up interview with Tatler in June, is a logistical one completely based on how she feels after she drinks as opposed to a “moralistic” choice — and certainly not one she’s projecting onto anyone else.

“My issue is I just love it. So. Much. But the way I do it makes me unavailable for my son,” said Hathaway of her previous approach to drinking before she gave it up completely last year. “My last hangover lasted for five days.”

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