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Alicia Keys is a badass woman — which is basically a prerequisite for gracing the front page of InStyle. But not only is the July cover star all-around life goals, she’s also thankfully reminded us she’s skincare goals, too. Though Keys has sworn off sporting a full-face of makeup for quite some time, she’s taken to treating her skin extremely well in place of it. In her recent video with Vogue Beauty, she shared all the details on her wellness-inspired regimen, including her go-to hydrating rosewater toner.

Keys begins by deep cleansing her skin with Osmosis Beauty Gentle Cleanser before moving onto her favorite mask combination from Epicuren Discovery: the Probiotic Mask Powder and Aloe Vera Calming Gel. She leaves the mask on for anywhere from five to 20 minutes before following up with the Sacred Rosewater Spray. “I love this a lot. Basically, just spray your whole body [with it], around a thousand times,” she said. “Rose is a heart-opener, which is why one would give another person they love roses. We all need to open our hearts.”

The eight-ounce bottle of 100 percent pure rose oil claims to lift your spirits and raise the vibrations surrounding you — plus it’s a great soothing moisturizer for your skin during the hotter months. Carry it with you wherever you go for a quick skin refresh and a boost of calming aromatherapy.

Sacred Rose Water
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If your skin typically gets irritated from sunscreen, you may want to snag her favorite for sensitive skin: the Epicuren Discovery Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45. “My skin is very, very sensitive, so I go very light. This one is amazing though, we like to make sure our skin has sunscreen on it.” The lightweight formula shields from environmental aggressors while adding a natural radiance to the skin. The celeb ends her everyday regimen by lightly applying an eye treatment duo from Lancer underneath her eyes to prevent any visible signs of aging.

In the wise words of Alicia Keys, escape to your bathroom and take some deep breaths in. Slather your skin in all her favorites daily, and you just may achieve her undeniable radiance and glow.

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