By Gabrielle Olya, People
March 31, 2017
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As seasonal temperatures start to rise, layers of clothing tend to come off. But before you bust out those tank tops and sleeveless shirts, get your arms ready with this workout created by celebrity trainer Erin Oprea.

“Here are some arm tone-up moves that I do with clients such as Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini to get them tank-top ready — and you can do all of these moves outside!” says Oprea, who is an USANA Fitness Ambassador. “We’re all about to rock those tank tops and sundresses, so let’s get you to where you feel your absolute best.”

Push-Up Holds

“Take it to your knees or stay on your toes — pay attention to your own level! Go down low in a push-up and hold that position for three seconds. Now push back up. Keep repeating for 10 to 20 pushups.”

Up-Down Planks

“Start in hand plank formation. Lower yourself onto your elbows, keeping your body in great plank form throughout. Walk yourself back up to hand plank, and repeat this for 15 times with each arm.”


“This is a great exercise that builds beautiful upper bodies but can be quite hard for beginners — buy they’re totally worth it. Grab a partner to assist you up or strap a band around the bar and use that as your buddy. Try and get five to 10 controlled chin-ups for three sets.”

Floor Dips

“Sit on your bottom with your hands on the ground at your sides with your fingers facing your feet. Bring your hips off the ground into your starting position. Now bend at your elbows shooting them straight back. Push back up to the start, and keep pulsing this way, burning the backs of your arms for 30 dips.”

Pretty soon you’ll be as ripped as Carrie!

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