Oceantree 3D Face Mask Bracket is currently the best-selling beauty product on Amazon.

By Renee Cherry
August 26, 2020
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Remember the days when face masks were hard to come by? Now you have your pick of solid, sequin, tie-dye, or even a mask that matches your dog's bandana.

Not only that, but face mask accessories have also emerged — you've got your face mask chains, your charms, your adjustable bands. One accessory that solves a major pain point with face masks is taking over Amazon. Oceantree 3D Face Mask Bracket (Buy It, $13, amazon.com) is an insert that you can use to make any face mask more comfortable.

Oceantree 3D Face Mask Bracket is a circular silicone frame that you can attach to the inside of your face mask. It has tabs on each side that you can hook onto the folds if you're using a disposable mask or one with pleated fabric. The bracket props your face mask up off of your mouth but still allows for a seal around the edges of the mask. They come in a pack of five and you can wash and reuse them.

Masks that have an interior structure can help prevent the mask from collapsing on the nose and mouth, allowing for more comfortable breathing, Christa van Rensburg, M.D., Ph.D., sport and exercise physician, rheumatologist, and head of sports medicine at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, previously told Shape. Problem is, the vast majority of face masks don't have that. With an Oceantree 3D Face Mask Bracket, you can add structure to any mask you already own.

A second, less obvious benefit of using the inserts is that they can minimize makeup transfer. Normally wearing a face mask over red lipstick is playing with fire, but the Oceantree 3D Face Mask Bracket is designed to create a gap between the mask and your lips.

The accessory is currently the best-selling product in the beauty category on Amazon. Yes, it's beating out every lotion and potion on the website. And plenty of customers are singing its praises in the reviews.

"These are perfect!" one person wrote of the face mask brackets. "I always feel like I'm sucking in my mask while [I] try to talk and plus being a mouth breather doesn't help. These brackets provide the perfect amount of support without adding weight."

"I live in a very hot climate," reads another review. "Wearing a mask against my face makes it miserable [and] hot under the mask not to mention what happens to my make up I spent 30 minutes applying. This mask frame has been a god send. My make up stays on and I feel like I can breathe under it. Best idea to ever to make the mask so much more tolerable."

Clearly it's the type of thing you'll wish you found sooner, especially if you have to wear face masks over long periods of time.


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