The Amazons look ready for the beach, not to do battle—and fans are fired up.

By Evin Billington
Updated November 14, 2017

Actress Gal Gadot thrilled audiences over the summer in Wonder Woman, and fans have been dying to see her play the badass heroine again in Justice League, which hits theaters this week.

But while Wonder Woman earned major praise for its empowering, female-first message, Justice League is getting buzz for the opposite reason. On social media, fans are pointing out that while Gadot looks basically the same in the new movie, her fellow Amazons—a mythical tribe of warrior women—are sporting a much skimpier look.

In Wonder Woman, the superhuman Amazons wear plated armor that covers their torsos, knee-high metal boots, and long metal cuffs over their arms. Photos from Justice League show the Amazons dressed more for the beach than battle. They've swapped their metal breastplates for leather bras, and their arm cuffs are gone, replaced by thin leather straps that show a lot of bare skin. Most of women have each leg totally exposed, too. The Amazons are hardly protected from sunburn, let alone a swinging sword or flying arrows.

Twitter users were quick to point out the new barely there outfits and highlight a possible reason for the change: Wonder Woman's costume designer is a woman, while the costume designer for Justice League is a man.

To be fair, some twitter users are saying that the skimpier costumes could be modeled after ancient Greek battle gear; Spartan warriors sometimes wore very little so they could move around better. Others are speculating that the bikini-like outfits could be the Amazons' training gear rather than their full battle armor.

We'll have to wait until the movie hits on Friday to find out for sure. But for many fans, the new costumes are out of sync and even offensive for an empowering warrior tribe of strong, kick-ass women.