Hot Sleepers Say This Bamboo Sleep Dress Is the 'Next Best Thing to Wearing Nothing'

“I'll never get anything else.”

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Finding your perfect pair of pajamas can be a challenge when you're a hot sleeper. If you're not comfortable sleeping in the buff, you probably want something that will give you decent coverage—but you also want to make sure whatever you're wearing won't lead you to wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night. For many hot flash sufferers, the perfect solution is a loose and breezy sleep dress, like WiWi's bamboo nightgown (from $23;

Even if you're not necessarily a chronic hot sleeper, there's still a good reason to do what you can to keep your temperature down at night. "We know you get the most deep sleep in a cool bedroom," Philip Gehrman, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and member of the Penn Sleep Center, previously told Health. In addition to turning the thermostat down (Chris Winter, MD, president of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Virginia, recommends about 65 degrees Fahrenheit), you can wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers that will prevent you from overheating.

WiWi's sleep dress is made primarily of bamboo fabric—which can help to decrease heat retention, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Research and Technology in 2017—with a little bit of Spandex for some stretch. Amazon reviewers say that the nightdress is "loose and flowing, not restricting" and the "next best thing to wearing nothing."

For naturally hot sleepers, this means finally being able to sleep through the night. "I slept longer, [experienced] less sweating, and had a more comfortable night's sleep with this cool nightgown," one reviewer wrote. "The material is so soft and lightweight."

WiWi Bamboo nightgown for women Sleeveless Sleepwear Lightweight

To buy: WiWi Bamboo Nightgown, from $23;

"I'll never get anything else," another shopper added. "It doesn't bunch up or pull when I toss and turn (which I do sometimes). There's nothing hard or scratchy on it. It fits beautifully. It breathes so I don't get too hot. (Hormone blockers for breast cancer have caused annoying hot flashes). It's the only sleepwear I want to wear, so I've washed it a lot and it still maintains its shape and comfort."

The pull-on nightdress comes in 30 colors and sizes small through 4XL. With prices starting at just $23, some Amazon customers have bought several. After all, when you've found the "best sleepwear" you've ever owned, why not stick with what works?

WiWi Bamboo nightgown for women Sleeveless Sleepwear Lightweight

To buy: WiWi Bamboo Nightgown, from $23;

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