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Updated April 11, 2017
Credit: James White

The May issue of Health has the most flattering swimsuits of 2017 (bikinis, one-pieces, and more), foaming cleansers that will give you a clear complexion, salt-infused fragrances, concealers that will help you cover up blemishes and beyond, and much more.

Page 12: Running Skirts (Coming soon!)

Page 16: Salt Scents (Coming soon!)

Page 27: How to Cover Up Anything (Coming soon!)

Page 33: I Want Her... Lashes (Coming soon!)

Page 34: Most Flattering Two-Pieces of 2017 (Coming soon!)

Page 34: Most Flattering One-Pieces of 2017 (Coming soon!)

Page 47: Tummy-Flattening Clothes (Coming soon!)

Page 56: I Did It (Coming soon!)

Page 94: Fight Lines at Every Age (Coming soon!)