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May 10, 2016
James White

The June issue of Health features the best new hiking gear, sunscreens, sweat-proof beauty products, and much more.

Discover where to buy all of them with this guide.

Page 12: A Patch for Pimples

Page 16: Customize Your Eyes

Page 18: Talk to the Tank

Page 18: A Genius New Beauty Box (Coming soon!)

Page 24: Save Your Skin

Page 25: Find Your Faux Glow

Page 28: Know Your Sneaky Spots

Page 31: Better Brows, Now

Page 37: Find the Perfect Mask

Page 52: Hiking Gear Awards

Page 55: Tracy Anderson's Full-Body Fat-Blast (Coming soon!)

Page 58: "I Did It"

Page 65: How to Fuel Every Workout

Page 108: Gold Rush

Page 124: Beat the Heat Beauty (Coming soon!)