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June 14, 2016
James White

The July/August issue of Health has the best new summer polishes, our editors' favorite beauty products, warm weather workout apparel, and much more.

Discover where to buy all of them with this guide.

Page 14: Smog-Proof Your Face

Page 16: Aussie Allure

Page 19: Make a Splash

Page 20: Tech Tools

Page 33: Summer Nails (Best Polishes for Skin Tone)

Page 34: Summer Nails (Best Pastel Polishes)

Page 34: Summer Nails (Best Metallic Polishes)

Page 34: Summer Nails (Best Manicure Tools)

Page 44: Stuff We Love

Page 47: BeautyGram

Page 62: "I Did It!"

Page 67: Tracy Anderson Workout

Page 76: Gear Awards

Page 112: Grab and Go Snacks

Page 137: Shop the Cover With Maria

Page 146: Best Mosquito Repellants