Meghan Markle's Fave Comfortable Sneakers Have Been My Go-Tos for Years—and I'm Still on My First Pair

I consider them a wardrobe mainstay.
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I like to consider myself a consistent person, but when it comes to my wardrobe, that hasn't always been the case. In my early 20s, I went through a series of stylistic shifts: There were the two years that I only wore black and white, the era of ironic t-shirts, and the phase in which I favored Wednesday Addams-style dresses over everything else. Now, in my late 20s, my closet looks pretty different than it did a few years ago, but I have a few pieces that have stayed—and one thing I've yet to give up is my go-to pair of comfortable sneakers.

Veja's V-10 sneakers are perfectly classic. They're made from sustainably sourced, fair trade materials like leather and rubber, which appealed to the conscious consumer in me. I learned about the brand after reading that Emma Watson was a fan and quickly decided to get a pair of my own.

At $150, the V-10 sneakers are a bit of a splurge; they cost more than my Converse high-tops and Adidas Superstars combined. But here's the thing: They really last. I bought my first pair of Vejas in 2017—and I'm still wearing them.

I've worn these comfortable sneakers on numerous occasions when I knew I'd need to be on my feet all day. I don't wear them to work out, but they keep my feet feeling good when I surpass 10,000 steps. I've even brought them on vacation, and they've held up to a coastal hike in Cinque Terre, pyramid-climbing in Teotihuacan, and strolls down cobblestone streets in Stockholm.

Credit: Bandier

After four years and counting of semi-regular wear, my Veja V-10 sneakers aren't as pristine as they once were, but they do have a cool, worn-in look that doesn't appear sloppy. With their quality construction and classic style, it's no wonder Meghan Markle is also a fan of these kicks.

I like to think that, as I've grown older, I've gotten closer to honing in on my personal style, but I can't be 100% positive that I'll eventually diverge from the earth tones and constructed silhouettes that currently fill my closet. But one thing's for sure: I'm not getting rid of my Veja V-10s any time soon. You can snag them at Amazon, Nordstrom, and Bandier.

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