Cliff Watts

Our contributing fitness editor will inspire you to get in the best shape of your life—and to stock up on some new activewear. 

By Kathleen Mulpeter
April 22, 2016
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Are you ready to transform your body, Tracy Anderson-style? Health worked with the fitness guru to develop the #HEALTHxTA 30-Day Core Challenge. This full-body program with calorie-torching workout videos (hosted by Tracy, of course) that will tone your butt, back, and abs in just one month. 

Whether you're planning on taking the challenge to get beach-body ready or finally kick-start those fitness goals you made back in January (no judgement!), it's important to push yourself for the right reasons: "Women need to understand that it's not all about 'I need to be the skinniest,'" Tracy explains to fitness editor Rozalynn Frazier in our May issue, on newsstands Friday, April 15. "If their self-worth depends on being super tiny all the time, their bodies will rebel."

And because nothing encourages you to hit the gym quite like new gear, peep the incredible workout clothes Tracy rocks in our May photo shoot below. Plus, find out where to shop the looks (including those incredible gold foil leggings!).

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