I thought I had joined a secret club after discovering a grown-up bra made for women who werent born well-endowed (you know who you are—its OK to admit you still shop for bras in the junior section of your department store). Lets face it: Bra manufacturers arent necessarily thinking comfort when designing bras for small-chested women. Many assume we want to enhance our cleavage (read: extra-thick padding and painful wiring), when in fact what we want is a comfortable fit. The Itty Bitty Bra ($55; was designed for women who want a stylish bra that doesnt pucker or gap under clothing. These bras are truly the most comfortable ones Ive ever tried. (As a fashion editor, Ive road-tested quite a few!) They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including a fabulous leopard print, and sizes range from 32AA to 36B (so theres one for every small-topped gal out there).

Why dont you give one a try and email your thoughts to me?