You took the quiz. Here are the answers.

1. Almost all of us have one breast that is larger than the other. In what percentage of women is the left breast larger than the right?
62%, according to the National Institutes of Health.

2. How many bras does the average American woman own?

3. A properly fitted bra should do all but which of the following:
Rely on the shoulder straps to support the breasts

4. Finding the perfect bra can be a system of trial and error for all of these reasons except:
The dye lots used in bras of different colors can shrink the fabric in the band and cups. The rest are all true—in fact, some researchers reject our bra-sizing system entirely, because neither of its two measurements account for the shape of the breasts or their position on the body, which vary from woman to woman.)

5. All of these are signs that your bras may not fit, except for:
The center of the bra lies flat against the sternum. Other signs include back, shoulder or neck pain, straps that dig in or slip off, underwires that poke into the body or point away from it, and breast tissue bulging from over the cups or under the arms.)

6. Which American magazine first mentioned the word 'brassiere'?
Vogue, 1907