Every time it rains, I wind up looking like a drowned rat. I am raincoat-less because I've never managed to find one that is both practical enough for runs but sophisticated enough to wear during my morning commute. And umbrellas? Let's just say my bodega-bought versions don't hold up well in wind. Well, all that was true until today.

Echo's rain line is the perfect solution to all of my downpour doldrums. My top pick is the hooded, zip-front raincoat—it's sporty, sleek, and, at $78, it's also affordable.


And the company's cute auto-open umbrellas are small enough to fit easily into my bag. Plus they are sturdy enough to handle harsh New York winds.


While it's a bit bigger, I'm also partial to the larger, dome-shaped umbrella. It keeps my legs nice and dry, and the cute tie-dye design easily brightens up even the rainiest days.

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