In a recent engagement photo, Williams showed off her athletic-meets-feminine style and inspired us to wear our sneakers out of the gym.

By Julia Naftulin
January 09, 2017

Serena Williams is on top of her stylish athletic wear game. The tennis star not only reps sports bra brand Berlei, but also reminds us time and time again that she’s fashionable both on and off the court.


In fact, Williams recently shared a photo of her rocking a flouncy tulle skirt and Nike sneaks while posing with her new fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. “Can’t resist a strong shoe game,” she wrote about the ensemble on Instagram. She hid the most buzzed about part of the photo, her engagement ring, with a taco emoji, so her black and white kicks were the center of attention.

This sporty yet dressy look caters towards those who just can’t fathom wearing heels every day (especially if you suffer from bunions, flat feet, or other foot-related woes) but still want to look put-together.


In honor of Williams’ outfit, we’ve rounded up our favorite sneaks so you too can emulate the athlete’s style—all you need now is a flouncy skirt fit for a princess and Williams-level confidence.

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