These Arch Support Socks Have Built-in Cushioning—and People Are Calling Them the "Perfect Sock"

The athletic socks already have more than 3,600 perfect 5-star ratings.

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If you think your shoes are the only thing affecting your foot's overall comfort, think again. Socks are an equally important factor when it comes to staying comfortable. A good pair of socks can add cushioning, arch support, and blister prevention to your go-to pair of kicks—and a really great pair, like Saucony's Performance Socks, can add all three.

In fact, the upgraded arch support is a key part of why so many Amazon shoppers love Saucony's socks. The no-show style—which has already accumulated 3,600 perfect 5-star ratings—is constructed to maximize both stability and comfort while fixing the flaws of other subpar socks, like slippage, airflow, and sweat accumulation.

Their thoughtful design starts from the fabric, a polyester and spandex blend with built-in sweat-wicking fibers that manage moisture to ensure your feet stay fresh even while working out (i.e. say goodbye to smelly feet). They also have pockets of mesh ventilation to allow maximum airflow and breathability without taking away from the secure fit.

The socks feature extra cushioning along the heel and sole, which allows for targeted impact protection without excess bulk. Along with a plush heel tab that prevents the socks from rolling down or causing painful blisters, there's even a specially engineered compression ring around the arches that gives the foot extra stabilization.


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While you might not think all these features are necessary, the extra attention to detail (down to the specially placed toe seams) showcases why these socks are so unbelievably popular. Alongside people calling them the "perfect sock" were a handful of reviewers proclaiming they legitimately felt like "walking on little clouds" or "like pillows unders my feet"—both comments typically reserved for shoes rather than socks.

They've even changed the way some people feel about socks: One reviewer revealed that despite a previous contempt for socks, they "absolutely love these," while another shopper called them "the only sock" they'll wear thanks to the no-slip design.

Aside from all the bells and whistles, they meet the basic criteria of good socks: they're soft, machine washable, and come in an affordable multipack. Designed to be worn in all temperatures, they can double as your go-to athletic socks for working out and the perfect breathable sock for everyday wear. And the best part? The cost of each pack breaks down to less than $2 per pair.

Though we could go on and on about these socks, we'll leave it to one reviewer who summed it up best: "Boy, who knew socks could be this magnificent? Who ever guessed I'd be here writing a review of socks??? I love these things. The colors are nice, and they are SO cushy. I need a reason to buy more socks!"

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