By Su Reid-St. John
With all the rain here lately, I’ve found myself living in a very damp climate—the kind of damp in which my bath towel never fully dries, a leather bag stowed in the closet sprouts mold in a matter of days, and my sneakers live in, well, a perpetual state of odoriferous clamminess. I was actually contemplating tossing my kicks into the dryer (and praying they wouldn’t shrink or pound the heck out of the machine) when I read about a nifty little invention called Stuffitts Shoe Savers, which claim to keep workout shoes dry and odor free. I ordered a pair without delay.

A week later, I’m wondering how my soggy self lived without these babies. The concept is sheer simplicity: a washable cover made of wicking fabric over foot-shaped cedar inserts (cedar is an excellent moisture- and odor-banisher); you slip one into each sodden shoe between workouts and it sucks the moisture right out. And you know what? It works.

Power walk in the rain? That was no match for the Stuffitts; my kicks were bone-dry the next morning, with nary a whiff of musty stinkiness. This is a revelation for me, as I often work out on back-to-back days.

The only catch is that I have just one set, so I’m constantly moving them from my sneaks to various pairs of wear-to-work shoes, weighing which pair needs them most. I remember a shoe shop guy once telling me to never wear leather shoes two days in a row, as they need to dry out. Well, sometimes a girl just has to wear her favorite black leather Børn slides on both Tuesday and Wednesday! And now I can—assuming my Stuffitts aren’t already busy sucking up the sogginess from my walking shoes.

It’s time to get another pair.

Product: Stuffitts Shoe Savers

Category: Gear

Pros: They’re super-effective at drying and de-stinking your shoes. Plus, you can wash the covers when they get funky.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Cost: $25 at

Extra tip: Spring for two pairs so you won’t have to choose between drying out your workout shoes and your work shoes.