Find out if the royal-approved flats lived up to the hype.

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ICYMI, everyone is wearing Rothy’s—your work wife, ob-gyn, spin class instructor, that influencer you follow on Instagram, and even Meghan Markle (yep, they’re the Duchess’s go-to flats). Aside from being all over social media, the footwear brand’s cult-favorite flats, points, loafers, and sneakers—which people swear are the most comfortable shoes on earth—are gracing the feet of commuters all over the country.

But what makes Rothy’s *so* great? The shoes are designed with a soft, seamless construction, which means there are zero hard seams and no sharp backs that will dig into your heels and cause blisters. Plus, they’re incredibly lightweight, flexible while still remaining supportive, and moisture-wicking—making them a no-brainer whether you’re commuting to work, walking around the office, or exploring a new city by foot. And if you do start to notice that they’re getting a little stinky (or that they have a few scuffs), the best news is that they’re machine-washable.

Not only is Rothy’s footwear fashion-forward and comfortable, but it’s also eco-friendly. The upper knits of the shoes are made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles—nothing else—and the company has been able to repurpose over 37 million water bottles to date. Also great? The insoles contain recycled foam, the rubber soles are carbon-free, the adhesives are non-toxic, and the shoe boxes and packaging are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. In short, the brand speaks to the conscious consumer who cares about style as much as lessening her footprint on the environment.

Just last fall, Meghan Markle was spotted rocking a pair of Rothy’s pointed toe flats in Sydney, Australia, and ever since, we’ve been dying to try them out—not only because they have the Duchess's royal stamp of approval, but because they’re touted to be comfortable, stylish, versatile, sustainable, and long-lasting by thousands of customers, too. And we love that they’re versatile enough to be dressed down with leggings and a chunky sweater or dressed up with a statement-making power suit or midi dress.

Rothy’s supplied Health editors with four different styles of shoes—The Point, The Loafer, The Sneaker, and The Flat—so that we could put the shoes to the test and tell you (in all honesty!) if the footwear lived up to the hype. Here’s everything you need to know before making your first Rothy’s purchase.

The Point

“Not one blister after about three months of wearing them 4-5 days a week. There’s no reason for me to wear sneakers to and from the office anymore. I usually avoid pointed toe shoes for the wicked witch vibe they signal, but these are not witchy at all. They’re soft both in feel and look—it’s just the right amount of point. These shoes can dress up some yoga pants or jeans and are great for traveling because they’re so malleable and lightweight. Plus you can machine wash them!” —Dara Kapoor, Health’s Executive Digital Editor

“I’ve always struggled with ballet flats because my feet are on the wider side and no matter what, I always seem to get blisters either on the heel of my foot or on the top of the toes (or both—ugh!) I put them on and although they definitely felt a bit snug, as soon as I started walking in them, it felt almost like they were molded to my feet with no discomfort— and to my surprise—zero blisters! I wore them multiple days in a row, doing my daily commute on the subway and running errands and couldn’t get over how comfortable they are.” —Lisa DeSantis, Health’s Beauty Editor

Credit: Anneke Knot

“As a New Yorker, walking is a HUGE part of my life. I loved that I was able to walk in them without killing my feet. I am certainly not ready to give up my heels, but these are great for when my feet need a break. The shoes did get a little smelly by the end of the week. Granted, it is summer in NYC, but the material definitely holds onto the stench. I typically wear some type of heel and avoid flats at all costs. However, I would actually incorporate these into my daily routine (that is saying something!). I was super skeptical they delivered the comfort everyone raved about, but I’m here to tell you they aren’t lying.” —Anneke Knot, Health’s Assistant Beauty Editor

“While I loved the cute style and lightweight feel of the Rothy’s flats, the comfort aspect wasn’t fully there for me. Admittedly, I could just need to break them in more, or could be wearing the wrong size (maybe I should have sized up from my normal shoe size), but they do feel particularly narrow, even compared to other pointed-toe flats I own. What I did love about the Rothy’s is the way they look—I could wear them around the office or running errands, and I felt like they really pulled my outfit together and offered a classic, simple touch of style. I also love how lightweight they are—I could easily wear them on the subway and then throw them in my bag if I wanted to change into heels when I got to work or an event, and they barely added any weight to my bag.” —Chelsey Hamilton, Meredith Associate Ecommerce Editor

Credit: Alex Sandoval

The Loafer

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them at first because I don’t usually wear loafers, but when I felt how comfortably they fit, I was sold. The fit was very comfortable, but they did rub my feet a bit the first few times I wore them. After a few wears, the rubbing stopped. I like that it’s such a light, minimalist shoe, yet it’s so comfortable. Your feet really don’t get sore while wearing them, which, in my opinion, is impressive for flats.” —Sam Lauriello, Health’s Assistant Editor

Credit: Baree Fehrenbach

“I am usually uncomfortable in ballet type flats, but these are an exception. I wore them with jeans and dresses. I don’t think you can dress these up, they’re too casual. I wore these Rothy’s in the office, basically sitting at my desk. After work I hopped on a Citibike and rode home—super comfy. What I liked most about the shoes was the cushioning and width. I have a bunion (ew), and these really fit me well. I’ve been wearing flat sandals with no support lately. These are much better for my feet.” —Baree Fehrenbach, Health’s Art Director

Credit: Alex Sandoval

The Sneaker

“They have a delightful amount of stretch! No rubbing, no blisters! They conform to your feet. There’s a lot of cushion in the sole. It’s a very bouncy wear! The style is super cute—a slip-on sneaker. They look great with jeans and shorts. I wore them on my commute, and while not always the perfect combo with work clothes, they were a lot cuter than some shoes I wear to commute in! These sneaker-style Rothys are a great option for any casual situation!” —Amy Conway, Health Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

Credit: Rebecca Shinners

“When I first tried them on, I was surprised not only by the comfort, but also by how sleek they looked on my feet. Since I walk around the city a lot, I tend to wear them with skirts and dresses a ton—whether it be for an after work event or to see friends over the weekend. After getting my pair, I started spotting others wearing the Rothy’s flats on the subway and would smile to myself; it was like we were all in on a cool secret of how to be more comfortable while commuting!” —Rebecca Shinners, Health’s Social Lead

“I heard that these are the most comfortable shoes ever, so maybe my expectations were too high, because when I slipped them on, they were just OK. They are made of a kind of woven or stretch knit and periodically when I walked in them, they would just squeeze the hell out of my left foot. (Maybe I need to go up a size.) The style is very cute. I have several shoes that look this way, which was why I was kind of bummed that they didn’t feel amazing. I think, like any shoe, you have to try it on to see how it will feel on you.” —Rozalynn S. Frazier, Health’s Senior Fitness Editor

Credit: Alex Sandoval

The Flat

“I can see these being really good transition shoes in the fall, or even cute commuter shoes (for when sneakers totally ruin the outfit). They went will every work outfit I wore throughout the week–from dresses to jumpsuits—but could easily be dressed down on the weekends. I think the fact that these shoes are so sustainable is amazing. I can definitely see them lasting for a long time too, which is a huge step in the right direction away from fast fashion. Plus, I can wash them?! My other flats would’ve lasted me much longer if that was the case.” —Lauren Witonksy, Health’s Social Media Assistant

Credit: Jenna Helwig

“They are so light! So comfortable, although I’ve noticed that after a long day wearing them there is some pressure on the top of my big toe. No blisters, and overall big thumbs up. When I first saw the style I wasn’t crazy about it, even though I generally like animal print. But I think they look better on! I wouldn’t wear them to dress up, just with jeans or slightly more polished work pants. I generally wear ballet flats to and from work; these are just as comfortable, if not more so.” —Jenna Helwig, Health’s Food Director

Credit: Alex Sandoval

As for myself, the sneakers were by far my favorite of all the Rothy’s styles. I’ll admit: I have a ton of fashion sneakers in my weekly rotation, ranging from white leather Pumas (Selena Gomez’s design, to be exact) to Vionic crocodile slip-ons to Dr. Scholl’s flatforms—depending on my OOTD and what’s on my calendar in terms of how much walking I’ll be doing that day.

I snapped up a pair of Rothy’s The Sneakers in Sand, and the neutral color went with pretty much everything in my wardrobe—from jumpsuits to dresses to midi skirts to shorts. I love rocking a dress with sneakers for a chic yet understated look, and these knit shoes definitely elevated my sneaker game—plus, they were super plush and comfortable. I always have an issue with flats and slip-ons rubbing my heels and giving me blisters—not to mention, I have extra bones on the insides of both of my feet (weird, I know) and many low-cut shoes tend to irritate them. However, these didn’t do that, and I already have my eye on some of the brand’s other styles. Rothy’s, here’s my credit card.

The bottom line? While the majority of Health’s editors found Rothy’s to offer cloud-like comfort and be a solid choice for everyday wear—especially for weekdays at the office and for daily commutes—some didn’t find Rothy’s as comfortable as their tried-and-true favorites. That being said, the editors that weren’t blown away did think that sizing up could have potentially fixed the issue. Even though the website claims Rothy’s fit true-to-size, even online reviews suggest going with a larger size. Our recommendation: Order a half size up, and test out the fit in your home before employing them on a long day of walking. And if you find that the fabric is holding onto odor after multiple wears, toss the flats in the washer to zap stench stat.

Overall, if you’re looking to invest in stylish, reliable, long-lasting flats, look no further than Meghan Markle’s faves—and now Health editors’ faves, too.

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