Rothy’s just dropped a sneaker-bootie hybrid in time for fall.

By Susan Brickell
Updated January 10, 2020
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If you’re in the market for a comfortable pointed toe shoe for the office, a sleek sneaker for commuting and travel, or a lightweight, dressy flat you can stuff in your purse to swap out of your heels at weddings (hey, we’ve all been there), we may have the answer to all your footwear woes. Enter: Rothy’s, the cult-favorite shoe brand known for its super comfortable flats that women all over the country—from San Francisco to New York, and everywhere in between—swear by. They’re even Meghan Markle’s go-to flats—seriously.

Whether you’re a Rothy’s loyalist or are considering investing in your first pair, we’ve got some exciting news. Rothy’s just launched a brand new style as of today—The Chelsea ($145;, a sneaker-bootie hybrid perfect for the cool, crisp fall days ahead. The sophisticated silhouette is chic enough for the office, but relaxed enough for weekends apple picking or brunching with friends. Wear the boot with your favorite leggings and bomber jacket to the yoga studio or with wide-legged pants and a silk blouse for a more polished look at work. They’re so versatile, you can even rock them with midi skirts and sweater dresses—score! Choose from fall- and winter-inspired colors like fog melange, plum melange, nightfall, black, lilac grey, wildcat, or crisp white (because white sneakers are always in season).

Credit: Rothy's

Like all Rothy’s shoes, they’re designed with a soft, seamless construction sans hard seams or sharp backs that dig into your heels and cause blisters. They’re also incredibly lightweight, flexible while still remaining supportive, and moisture-wicking, which helps keep feet dry and comfortable all day long. If you do start to notice that they’re getting a little stinky (or that they have a few scuffs), you can freshen up your Chelsea boots by tossing them in the washing machine. Yes, you read that right—boots that are actually machine-washable. Plus, the upper knits of the shoes are made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles, making them a stylish and eco-friendly footwear option. The company has even been able to repurpose over 37 million water bottles to date.

And of course we have to get our hands on anything that has Meghan Markle’s stamp of approval. Rothy’s supplied Health editors with The Chelsea, prior to its launch date, so that we could put the booties to the test and give you the honest-to-god truth on if they’re worth your money. Here’s everything you need to know before adding the new Rothy boot to your fall and winter rotation.

First impressions

“I like the material and the sneaker-like bottom of the shoe. The high top of the shoe is very unique, and the shoe overall has a sporty-chic vibe. I like that they are white since that is such a versatile color.” —Emily Harris, Health Designer

“Out of the box, they didn’t look like shoes I’d buy for myself or typically wear. The teal color also threw me and I wasn’t sure if they would go with any of my outfits. When I put them on, I was happy to see that they didn’t come up as high on my ankles as I expected them to, and didn’t look quite as boyish as I thought they would look.” —Amber Brenza, Health Senior Editor

“For colder weather, I typically lean into combat and Chelsea boot styles, but still find a way to sport my fashion sneakers (even in the snow—don’t @ me, Mom). So, when I opened the box to reveal a mix between a Chelsea boot and sneaker, well, be still my beating heart. I was a fan from the get-go.” —Susan Brickell, Health Assistant Editor (AKA me)

Credit: Rothy's

Comfort scale

“They were very comfortable. I would have liked a little more arch support, but I forgot that I was wearing them they were so comfy! I didn’t get blisters but they were a tiny bit big so I had some breathing room. I wore them to commute to work and all day. This weekend I wore them to a yoga event with athleisure (leggings, sports bra, t-shirt). They were comfy and it was easy to work out in them because of their flexible material.” —Emily

“I like how comfortable they are—it’s definitely their biggest selling point. They didn’t set me up for blisters like new shoes typically do. They felt a little snug in the width department, but they stretched out a bit over time.” —Amber

“These were a half size bigger than my usual shoe size, so I found them to be comfy and roomy enough—my toes never felt crunched and I didn’t get any blisters or rubbing on my heel. I wore them with no-show socks to make them a bit more snug, too.” —Susan

Credit: Rothy's

Cute or nah?

“I like them even though they aren’t a style I would normally gravitate to. I think they look best with a skinny jean, dressed down. Or with a wide leg jean so you cover the top part. It would be hard to dress them up because of the high-top sneaker look. ” —Emily

“Slip-on shoes in general aren’t really my vibe, so I mostly wore these with jeans. I wore them during the week so I used them for commuting and sitting at a desk all day/walking around the office.” —Amber

“Ooooh, so cute! I loved the style, as well as the all-over leopard print. The pattern makes them a bit more special—not a shoe I can wear every day—but they were still versatile enough to coordinate with a ton of outfits. They paired great with my cropped denim, a silk midi skirt, and an oversized dress.” —Susan

Credit: Rothy's

Final verdict

“I never wear sneakers casually, only to work out in. These are sort of in the middle of a sneaker and bootie so they are slightly different than what I would normally wear. In the fall/winter I like wearing short booties of all different colors so I think they would fit in that category for me. I would be interested to try out the regular sneakers or flats to see if I like them more. I love the material so I am guessing that I would. Overall I am happy with the product!” —Emily

“I wear a lot of heeled boots and sandals (with a wide heel), or athletic tennis shoes. I also wear cross training or running shoes a lot while commuting to and from the gym. I can’t say I would buy these for myself, but I might recommend them for someone who likes Rothy’s or who wants something comfy and machine-washable.” —Amber

“I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of these Chelsea boots, especially as we transition from summer to fall. Not only are they comfortable enough for my daily commute—and chic enough for the office—but they’ve also got just the right amount of edge for a night out, and yet are still casual enough for a weekend exploring upstate. I’m also happy to know that they’re a long-lasting, sustainable shoe I’ll have through many seasons, thanks to the fact they’re machine-washable.” —Susan

Credit: Rothy's

While the style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if comfort is what’s most important to you, Rothy’s first-ever boot certainly checks that box. And if you dig the chic look of a Chelsea boot combined with the sporty vibes of high-top sneakers, this is definitely the shoe for you. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Meghan Markle rocking these babies on her outings with Baby Archie this fall.

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