Best part: They're not crazy-expensive.

By Alison Mango
Updated January 14, 2016
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Credit: Brian Henn

No woman wants to spend an entire sweat session adjusting her bra straps, hiking up her leggings, and smoothing out her shirt. But for women who wear plus-size clothes, finding high-quality gear that wicks sweat, looks cute, and stays put can be a challenge. We hunted down performance pieces that will keep you comfortable, dry, and moving throughout all of your workouts—no matter your size.

Intense gym session

Even though it's cold outside, you're definitely working up a sweat in the gym, and you need all the high-performance gear you can get. This short-sleeve top is antimicrobial, so it fights odor-causing bacteria. Plus, it's lightweight and breathable, allowing you to have a smooth workout. The leggings feature no-chafe seams as well as a flattering compressive fit so you can feel comfortable and hugged-in throughout.

Post-workout errands

Photo: Brian Henn

During the wintertime, you might get uncomfortable when you leave the gym in your sweaty clothes—once that moisture comes into contact with the cold air, you get cold and shivery. Instead of packing an entire second outfit, you can slip on breathable, moisture-wicking gear that will perform throughout your sweat session and keep you dry afterward. With sweat-wicking leggings and a tunic, all you need to do after you workout is throw on an extra-warm down vest and tech-enabled gloves so you can stay warm and toasty.

Outdoor walking workout

Photo: Brian Henn

Whether you're walking your dog or getting in a sweat session during your lunch hour, we know that you need high-performance gear. The 3/4 zip jacket provides some ventilation for when you start to warm up, so you can blow off just enough steam without compromising your warmth. You will also get double-duty out of the ear muffs, which are headphones in disguise!